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Final product


My Half of the Write Up

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Having a very different design background and style than Kate, I was hesitant to fully indulge in my usual design characteristics and instead made it a point in my thinking to be accepting to an alternate design style. In my first two designs, I played with the contrast of black smoke on white paper, and white smoke on black paper. As stated before, our group staged this version of Hamlet in a crack house, and while I had wanted to abstain from the cliche skull use of every other Hamlet poster, our proposed setting practically begged for a skull-representing the death and insanity of  both Hamlet and crack cocaine. Smoke was used to propose the new setting of the show as well as the “ghosts” of Hamlet’s life.

Ultimately, Kate and I combined her use of a textured background and almost transparent skull, with my use of smoke as a flowing and strong presence. For the program, we added a smoking crack pipe onto the back cover, and fading it out as to not draw too much attention to it, while still maintaining it’s glorified existence in the show. At the end of the pipe is a very faint crown, juxtapositioned ironically as “the king of crack” which could also be inferred as “the king of death”. Overall, this collaboration went very, very well, and the final product is much more invoking and successful than we had first imagined.

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Combined Cracklet Poster

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Hamlet Prelims

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Bottle Progress

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98% Completed Piggy

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This Piggy's gone to the market

Radial gradient added, texture dropped

F-Top Ale Bottle Label